I have an operating principle that I am perfectly willing, if not eager, to believe that I’m completely wrong about everything.”

— Anthony Bourdain


Gregory Evans is portrait and commercial photographer specialising in studio and environmental portraiture.  With a long history in Seattle, WA he has recently relocated to a new base of operations in Santa Fe, NM.  The idea of creating his art from one of the oldest established cities within the borders of the United States is humbling and exciting.  

I will continue to work anywhere the job takes me and will have a regular commute schedule between LA, Seattle and Santa Fe.  


Through my photography i strive to locate elements of non standard beauty and amplify their perfection in a way; hopefully, to influence what we as a society choose to identify as what is beautiful. i would like to offer myself to this art and to you in hopes that together we can change the world.  

Work with Me

Get me on your project as a lead or a team member.  I love the world of production and am a glutton for long hours and impossible tasks

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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